vNugglets PowerShell module for managing advanced vSphere virtual distributed networking, like traffic filtering and marking
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vNugglets PowerShell Module for VMware vSphere Virtual Distributed Networking Management


This PowerShell module provides functionality to automate the management of VMware vSphere virtual distributed networking items for which VMware PowerCLI does not already provide support. For example, for the reporting on-, creation of-, and removal of traffic filtering and marking rules at the vDPortgroup level. Another capability: managing the VDUplink of which a VMHost VMNIC is a part.

Some of the functionality provided by the cmdlets in this module:

  • Get VDPortgroup traffic policy
  • Get traffic policy rules
  • Get traffic policy rule qualifiers
  • Create traffic policy rule qualifiers, for use in creation of new policy rules
  • Create new traffic rules for the ruleset for the given vDPortgroup
  • Remove given traffic rule(s) from a vDPortgroup
  • Set the VDSwitch Uplink for a VMHost physical NIC ("VMNIC") on the VDSwitch of which the VMNIC is already a part


Chomping at the bit to get going with using this module? Of course you are! Go like this:

  • This module available in the PowerShell Gallery! To install it on your machine or to save it for inspection, first, use one of these:
    • Install the module (maybe after you've inspected it first with the command after this):

      Find-Module vNugglets.VDNetworking | Install-Module

    • Or, save the module first for further inspection/distribution (always a good idea):

      Find-Module vNugglets.VDNetworking | Save-Module -Path c:\temp\someFolder

  • If you are not interested in- or able to use the PowerShell Gallery, you can get the module in this way:
    • clone the GitHub project to some local folder with Git via:

      PS C:\> git clone C:\temp\MyVNuggsVDRepoCopy

    • put the actual PowerShell module directory in some place that you like to keep your modules, say, like this, which copies the module to your personal Modules directory:

      PS C:\> Copy-Item -Recurse -Path C:\temp\MyVNuggsVDRepoCopy\vNugglets.VDNetworking\ -Destination ~\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\vNugglets.VDNetworking

    • import the PowerShell module into the current PowerShell session:

      PS C:\> Import-Module -Name vNugglets.VDNetworking

    • or, if the vNugglets.VDNetworking module folder is not in your Env:\PSModulePath, specify the whole path to the module folder when importing, like:

      PS C:\> Import-Module -Name \\\PSModules\vNugglets.VDNetworking


Examples are in two places:

  • periodically updated in the docs/ folder for the project at docs/, which is also accessible via the project's GitHub Pages examples page
  • always up to date in the Get-Help examples for each cmdlet by checking out the help for each cmdlet (see Getting Help section below)

Getting Help

The cmdlets in this module all have proper help, so you can learn and discover just as you would and do with any other legitimate PowerShell module:

  • Get-Command -Module <moduleName>
  • Get-Help -Full <cmdlet-name>


The ChangeLog for this module is, of course, a log of the major changes through the module's history. Enjoy the story.