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ChangeLog for vNugglets.VDNetworking PowerShell module

v1.2.0, Jun 2018

  • [enhancement] Added Set-VNVMHostNetworkAdapterVDUplink for setting the VDSwitch Uplink for a VMHost physical NIC ("VMNIC") on the VDSwitch of which the VMNIC is already a part
  • [enhancement] Added Get-VNVSwitchByVMHostNetworkAdapter for getting the virtual switch (standard or distributed) with which the given VMHostNetworkAdapter physical NIC is associated, if any

v1.1.0, Jan 2018

  • [update] Added -WhatIf support to New-VNVDTrafficRuleAction, New-VNVDTrafficRuleQualifier
  • [bugfix] -Enabled parameter on Set-VNVDTrafficRuleSet was not working as expected. Fixed
  • [bugfix] Corrected issue where module loaded improperly if required VDS module was not already loaded
  • [enhancement] Added check in ModuleManifest update code to report FileList accuracy every time
  • [miscellaneous] Other various updates and optimizations

v1.0, Jan 2018

  • initial public "prod" release of master branch
  • published module in PowerShell Gallery

v0.5, under development in Dec 2017