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Build better business applications, faster. No more juggling REST endpoints or deciphering GraphQL queries. Hilla seamlessly connects Spring Boot and React to accelerate application development.



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The modern web framework for Java

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Hilla integrates a Spring Boot Java backend with a reactive TypeScript front end. It helps you build apps faster with type-safe server communication, included UI components, and integrated tooling.

Simple type-safe server communication

Hilla helps you access the backend easily with type-safe endpoints.


// Type info is automatically generated based on Java
import Person from 'Frontend/generated/com/vaadin/hilla/demo/entity/Person';
import { PersonEndpoint } from 'Frontend/generated/endpoints';

async function getPeopleWithPhoneNumber() {
  const people: Person[] = await PersonEndpoint.findAll();

  // Compile error: The property is 'phone', not 'phoneNumber'
  return people.filter((person) => !!person.phoneNumber);

console.log('People with phone numbers: ', getPeopleWithPhoneNumber());

public class PersonEndpoint {

    private PersonRepository repository;

    public PersonEndpoint(PersonRepository repository) {
        this.repository = repository;

    public @Nonnull List<@Nonnull Person> findAll() {
        return repository.findAll();

public class Person {

    private Integer id;

    @Nonnull private String firstName;
    @Nonnull private String lastName;
    @Email @Nonnull private String email;
    @Nonnull private String phone;

    // getters, setters

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The best way to contribute is to try out Hilla and provide feedback to the development team in our Discord chat or with GitHub issues.


If you want to develop Hilla, you can clone the repo and run tests using the following commands:

git clone
npm install
npm run build
npm test

You need the following versions of Node.js and npm:

  • Node.js: >= 18 LTS (native support for ES Modules and NodeJS execution of the newest hooks),
  • npm: ^9 (package-lock.json is of version 3)

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