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Vac Request For Comments(RFC)

NOTE: This repo is WIP. We are currently restructuring the RFC process.

This repository contains specifications from the Waku, Nomos, Codex, and Status projects that are part of the IFT portfolio. Vac is an IFT service that will manage the RFC, Request for Comments, process within this repository.

New RFC Process

This repository replaces the previous resource. Each project will maintain initial specifications in separate repositories, which may be considered as a raw specification. All Vac raw specifications and discussions will live in the Vac subdirectory. When projects have reached some level of maturity for a specification living in their repository, the process of updating the status to draft may begin in this repository. Specifications will adhere to 1/COSS before obtaining draft status.

Implementations should follow specifications as described, and all contributions will be discussed before the stable status is obtained. The goal of this RFC process will to engage all interseted parities and reach a rough consensus for techcinal specifications.


Please see 1/COSS for general guidelines and specification lifecycle.

Feel free to join the Vac discord.

Here's the project board used by core contributors and maintainers: Projects

IFT Projects' Raw Specifications

The repository for each project raw specifications:


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