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generator-ink-cli Build Status

Scaffold out a CLI with Ink. Based on generator-nm by Sindre Sorhus.


$ npm install --global yo generator-ink-cli


With yo:

$ yo ink-cli

There are multiple command-line options available:

$ yo ink-cli --help

    yo ink-cli [options]

    --help          # Print the generator's options and usage
    --skip-cache    # Do not remember prompt answers                      Default: false
    --skip-install  # Do not automatically install dependencies           Default: false
    --org           # Publish to a GitHub organization account
    --coverage      # Add code coverage with nyc
    --codecov       # Upload coverage to (implies --coverage)

The --org option takes a string value (i.e. --org=avajs). All others are boolean flags and can be negated with the no prefix (i.e. --no-codecov). You will be prompted for any options not passed on the command-line.


MIT © Vadim Demedes