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We are an international team based in Paris, conducting AI research for Valeo automotive applications, in collaboration with world-class academics.


  1. ADVENT Public

    Adversarial Entropy Minimization for Domain Adaptation in Semantic Segmentation

    Python 313 69

  2. WoodScape Public

    The repository containing tools and information about the WoodScape dataset.

    Python 381 88

  3. ZS3 Public

    Zero-Shot Semantic Segmentation

    Python 157 23

  4. ConfidNet Public

    Addressing Failure Prediction by Learning Model Confidence

    Python 136 24

  5. BF3S Public

    Boosting Few-Shot Visual Learning with Self-Supervision

    Python 129 22

  6. LOST Public

    Pytorch implementation of LOST unsupervised object discovery method

    Python 171 20


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