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Emacs light/dark theme toggler
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Heaven and Hell Emacs Emacs Emacs MELPA MELPA Stable


Heaven and Hell - emacs package for easy toggling of light/dark color themes.




I constantly switch light and dark theme. When it's sunny outside, or I work in a very light room - I use the light theme. Otherwise, I prefer dark one. So I wrote a bunch of helpers which helped me with this and one day I decided to make a package out of it. Hope it'll be useful to anybody else. Cheers!


  • Define your favorite light and dark themes
  • Choose which one to run by default
  • Switch between them with a single keypress
  • Easily roll back to default emacs theme in case of messed faces


heaven-and-hell is available in Melpa.

With use-package

With use-package (including example config):

(use-package heaven-and-hell
  :ensure t
  (setq heaven-and-hell-theme-type 'dark) ;; Omit to use light by default
  (setq heaven-and-hell-themes
        '((light . tsdh-light)
          (dark . tsdh-dark))) ;; Themes can be the list: (dark . (tsdh-dark wombat))
  :hook (after-init . heaven-and-hell-init-hook)
  :bind (("C-c <f6>" . heaven-and-hell-load-default-theme)
         ("<f6>" . heaven-and-hell-toggle-theme)))

With straight.el

(straight-use-package 'heaven-and-hell)


First clone the repo:

git clone your/site/elisp/path

Then add this in your init.el:

(require 'heaven-and-hell "your/site/elisp/path/heaven-and-hell/heaven-and-hell.el")

Example configuration

For use-package configuration look above in installation section

;; Default is 'light
(setq heaven-and-hell-theme-type 'dark)

;; Set preferred light and dark themes
;; default light is emacs default theme, default dark is wombat
;; Themes can be the list: (dark . (tsdh-dark tango-dark))
(setq heaven-and-hell-themes
      '((light . tsdh-light)
        (dark . tsdh-dark)))

;; Add init-hook so heaven-and-hell can load your theme
(add-hook 'after-init-hook 'heaven-and-hell-init-hook)

;; Set keys to toggle theme and return to default emacs theme
(global-set-key (kbd "C-c <f6>") 'heaven-and-hell-load-default-theme)
(global-set-key (kbd "<f6>") 'heaven-and-hell-toggle-theme)


Have trouble with installation? Found a bug? Want a new feature? Feel free to open an issue!

Want to fix a bug or add something new yourself? Feel free to submit pull request!

Also, don't hesitate to share it anywhere in the Internet :)



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