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Valohai Command Line Client

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This is the command-line client for the Valohai machine learning IaaS platform.


valohai-cli supports Python 3.6 and higher.

If you still need to run on Python 3.5, version 0.13.0 was the last one to support it.

The easiest way to get started is to install valohai-cli system-wide with pip.

$ pip3 install -U valohai-cli

The -U flag ensures that any present version is upgraded, too.

After you've installed the client, vh should work and you should see a description of commands.

If you want to keep your global Python package environment clean, we recommend installing valohai-cli in a virtualenv. You can still access the command from anywhere on your system by creating a symlink or alias to the bin/vh file.

Getting Started

See the tutorial document!


To work on the valohai-cli code: pull the repository, create and activate a virtualenv, then run

pip install -e .

(The -e stands for --editable.)

This makes a new vh command available in the virtualenv, but linked to the working copy's source. That is, you can now edit the source under valohai_cli in your working directory, and try it out with vh.