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Valohai Command Line Client

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This is the command-line client for the Valohai machine learning IaaS platform.


valohai-cli supports Python 2.7 or Python 3.4 and higher. We recommend Python 3.

The easiest way to get started is to install valohai-cli system-wide with pip.

$ pip3 install -U valohai-cli  # (or pip2)

The -U flag ensures that any present version is upgraded, too.

After you've installed the client, vh should work and you should see a description of commands.

If you want to keep your global Python package environment clean, we recommend installing valohai-cli in a virtualenv. You can still access the command from anywhere on your system by creating a symlink or alias to the bin/vh file.

Getting Started

See the tutorial document!


To work on the valohai-cli code: pull the repository, create and activate a virtualenv, then run

pip install -e .

(The -e stands for --editable.)

This makes a new vh command available in the virtualenv, but linked to the working copy's source. That is, you can now edit the source under valohai_cli in your working directory, and try it out with vh.