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JConfs for Haptics Lab

These files are for use with the VR Juggler 3.0 series.

Which Config Files to Use

You'll use exactly one "main" jconf file, and possible one or more "mix-in" jconf files to add functionality.

You must use one "main" jconf file setting up displays and head tracking.

  • The "main" jconf files in the base directory select some subset of the config files in components to load in order to provide the desired functionality. So, you don't ever need to directly load a file from components, just pick the right main file and it'll be handled for you.

    Decide which to use based on these criteria:

    • What system are you using?

      • Desktop fishbowl setup

      • Big projection screen

    • Stereo or mono? Usually, you'll want stereo, except for things like photo shoots.

  • You may then also load additional "mix-in" jconf files to provide additional features.

    • mixins/hapticslab.wiimote.jconf - Use the Wiimote for head tracking.

    • simview.mixin.jconf - Primarily for debugging - shows a simulator view with the projections displayed as well as the head and wand positions.

System Description

  • Computer systems:

    • Main computer:

      • Contains a single NVIDIA card.
    • Secondary computer:

      • Contains a single NVIDIA card.
  • Projectors:

    • DepthQ-WXGA

      • 1280x720 native resolution

      • Stereoscopic 120Hz projector

    • Infocus

      • ? resolution

      • mono

  • Tracking:

    • Intersense IS-900

      • Connected via COM port (not currently used)
    • Polhemus Patriot

      • Connected via COM port, connects via VRPN
    • ART Tracker

      • Remote computer, connects via VRPN

      • Tracker side offset applied: (x=+228,y=-768,z=-280)

  • Interaction devices:

    • Intersense wand

    • Wiimote

More Information

You might consider using the jconf-grapher to visualize the devices made available with these config files. If you're not in our research group and any of this information is useful to you, we'd appreciate hearing from you! You can reach Ryan Pavlik, who put these files together, via his web site at