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##About An open source Documentation Searching webpage using's API

##Search via url

###the "q" parameter setting the "q" url parameter to any string, will automatically insert that string in the keyword input and search for it once the page loads. For example: ?q=explode

###the "lang" parameter setting the "lang" url parameter to a specific language name, will automatically pick that language from the dropdown menu when the page loads. For example: ?lang=php

valid options for the lang parameter are:

  • "all" for All
  • "apache" for Apache 2 Directive
  • "brainfuck" for BrainFuck
  • "closure" for Closure
  • "cobol" for Cobol
  • "emacs" for Emacs
  • "fossil_scm" for Fossil SCM
  • "ftp" for FTP Code
  • "git" for GIT
  • "linux_cmd" for GNU/Linux Command
  • "hello_world" for Hello World
  • "hresult" for HResult
  • "http" for HTTP Code
  • "java" for Java
  • "javascript" for Javascript
  • "jquery" for JQuery
  • "linux_kernel_error" for Linux Kernel Error
  • "ios" for Mac iOS Reference
  • "macos" for Mac OSX Reference
  • "mercurial" for Mercurial
  • "mysql_error" for MySQL Error
  • "mysql" for MySQL Function
  • "nginx" for Nginx HttpCoreModule
  • "nt_status" for NT Status
  • "perl5" for Perl 5
  • "perl5_var" for Perl 5 Variable
  • "php" for PHP
  • "python" for Python
  • "python_exception" for Python Exception
  • "smarty" for Smarty
  • "sql_server_2008" for SQL Server 2008 Function
  • "sql_server_2008_error" for SQL Server Error
  • "stuntsnippets" for stuntSnippets
  • "svn" for SVN
  • "underscorejs" for Underscore.js
  • "visual_basic_6" for Visual Basic 6
  • "win32_error" for Win 32 Error
  • "windows_command" for Windows Command

###"q" and "lang" parameters (together) You can use both of them at once for example: ?lang=php&q=explode

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docFinder by Adonis K. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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A documentation searching webapp.




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