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A homebrew tap for an ffmpeg formula with lots of options
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This is a 3rd party tap for Homebrew. It provides a formula for ffmpeg which includes options for enabling additional features and libraries.


Installation and usage

In order to use this tap, you need to install Homebrew or Linuxbrew.

To use, first tap and pin this repo:

brew tap varenc/ffmpeg
brew tap-pin varenc/ffmpeg

Note: If you already have ffmpeg installed from Homebrew core, you need to first run brew uninstall ffmpeg before you can use this tap.

Default installation

To install the default version of the formula, run:

brew install ffmpeg

Installing with options

To see the list of supported options for this formula, run:

brew options ffmpeg

Then, you can run:

brew install ffmpeg --with-<option1> --with-<option2> ...

Installing latest Git version (HEAD)

FFmpeg recommends installing the latest Git master version over a release. This formula builds the latest release by default, but you can install the latest Git version by adding the --HEAD option:

brew install ffmpeg --HEAD

Installing everything

To compile and install ffmpeg with all options, just run:

brew install ffmpeg $(brew options ffmpeg --compact)

Note that this will perform a full build of ffmpeg and its dependencies, which may take a while depending on your machine's capabilities.


To update Homebrew and upgrade the formula to the most recent stable release:

brew update && brew upgrade ffmpeg

Or, if you are using the HEAD version and want to update to the latest commit:

brew update && brew upgrade ffmpeg --fetch-HEAD


What is tap-pin?

Using brew tap-pin gives this tap's ffmpeg formula priority over homebrew-core to make installation simpler. Now ffmpeg will refer to this tap's formula.

If you don't want to pin this tap, you can still reference this tap's ffmpeg formula directly with varenc/ffmpeg/ffmpeg. Tap pinning will not influence an ffmpeg dependency in another formula.

To unpin the tap, simply run brew tap-unpin varenc/ffmpeg.

I used the old repository name, what should I do?

This repo was previously named ffmpeg-with-options. While there is a redirect to the new repository name, you should update to the tap's new name. To do so, run:

brew untap varenc/ffmpeg-with-options
brew tap varenc/ffmpeg
brew tap-pin varenc/ffmpeg


To report issues, please file an issue on GitHub. Please note that we will only be able to help with issues that are exclusive to this tap.

If the problem is reproducible with the homebrew-core version of ffmpeg, please file it on their tracker.


  • Chris Varenhorst (@varenc)
  • Reto Kromer (@retokromer)
  • Werner Robitza (@slhck)
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