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This is a 3rd party tap for Homebrew. It provides a formula for ffmpeg which includes options for enabling additional features and libraries.


Installation and usage

In order to use this tap, you need to install Homebrew.

Then, to run a default installation, run:

brew tap homebrew-ffmpeg/ffmpeg
brew install homebrew-ffmpeg/ffmpeg/ffmpeg

Note: If you already have ffmpeg installed from Homebrew core, you will receive an error. You need to first run brew uninstall ffmpeg before you can use this tap.

Installing with options

To see the list of supported options for this formula, run:

brew options homebrew-ffmpeg/ffmpeg/ffmpeg

Then, you can run:

brew install homebrew-ffmpeg/ffmpeg/ffmpeg --with-<option1> --with-<option2> ...

If you really wish to install all the available options, you can run:

brew install homebrew-ffmpeg/ffmpeg/ffmpeg $(brew options homebrew-ffmpeg/ffmpeg/ffmpeg --compact)

Note that this may install libraries for which you need extra SDKs installed, such as --with-decklink, or libraries which have to be installed before running the formula, such as --with-chromaprint.

Installing latest Git version (HEAD)

FFmpeg recommends installing the latest Git master version over a release. This formula builds the latest release by default, but you can install the latest Git version by adding the --HEAD option:

brew install homebrew-ffmpeg/ffmpeg/ffmpeg --HEAD

Please note that we don't generally provide support HEAD builds, since they may cause issues with other Homebrew-supplied formulae.


To update Homebrew and upgrade the formula to the most recent stable release:

brew update && brew upgrade homebrew-ffmpeg/ffmpeg/ffmpeg

Or, if you are using the HEAD version and want to update to the latest commit:

brew update && brew upgrade homebrew-ffmpeg/ffmpeg/ffmpeg --fetch-HEAD

Included libraries

This formula installs the following libraries by default:

Dependency Description
libaom AV1 encoder
fontconfig Font access library
freetype Freetype font engine
frei0r frei0r filters
lame LAME MP3 encoder
libass ASS subtitle support
libvorbis Vorbis encoder
libvpx VP8 and VP9 encoder
opus Opus encoder
rtmpdump RTMP dumping support
sdl2 Simple DirectMedia Layer
snappy Snappy compression support
theora Theora encoder
x264 x264 H.264 encoder
x265 x265 HEVC encoder
xz XZ compression support

This formula features the following libraries optionally:

Dependency Description Remarks
chromaprint Chromaprint audio fingerprinting library There is a cyclic dependency issue. See the workaround in the Troubleshooting section.
decklink DeckLink support The DeckLink SDK has to be installed before running the FFmpeg formula. One possibility is to use:
brew install amiaopensource/amiaos/decklinksdk

In addition, if you experience difficulties on macOS, make sure you follow these directions.
fdk-aac Fraunhofer FDK AAC library
game-music-emu Game Music Emu (GME) support
harfbuzz OpenType text shaping engine (libharfbuzz)
jack Jack audio device support
jpeg-xl JPEG XL support
libaribcaption Handling of ARIB STD-B24 based broadcast captions
libaribb24 Decoding ARIB/ISDB captions
libbluray Blu-Ray Disc support
libbs2b Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP library
libcaca Colour ASCII Art Library
libflite Text to speech synthesis Flite has to be installed before running the FFmpeg formula. This is not supported directly via Homebrew. See this issue for some installation options.
libgsm GSM 06.10 lossy speech compression
libmodplug Module/tracker files as inputs via libmodplug
libopenmpt Module/tracker files as inputs via libopenmpt
libplacebo GPU-accelerated image/video processing primitives
librist Reliable Internet Stream Transport
librsvg SVG files as inputs
libsoxr The SoX resampling library
libssh Support SFTP protocol
libvidstab Video stabilization library
libvmaf VMAF video quality metric
libxml2 XML parser and toolkit
libzvbi Decoding of DVB teletext pages and DVB teletext subtitles The ZVBI library has to be installed before running the FFmpeg formula. It can be obtained from this tap via brew tap lescanauxdiscrets/tap && brew install lescanauxdiscrets/tap/zvbi.
opencore-amr Opencore AMR NR/WB audio format
openh264 OpenH264 library
openjpeg JPEG 2000 image format
openssl SSL support
openvino OpenVINO (optimizing and deploying deep learning models)
rav1e AV1 encoding
svt-av1 Scalable Video Technology for AV1 (encoder and decoder)
rtmpdump Dumping RTMP strea s
rubberband Audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting
speex speex codec
srt Secure Reliable Transport library
tesseract An Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine
two-lame MPEG Audio Layer 2 (MP2) encoder
webp Encode WEBP images
xvid XviD support (MPEG-4 Part 2 Encoder)
zeromq Receive commands sent through a libzeromq client
zimg Image conversion library


In general, please note that we only provide support for current macOS versions that still receive security updates. Beta or pre-release versions as well as legacy versions are not supported.

When installing a piece of SOFTWARE which is using this FFmpeg distribution, then you may get the following error:

==> Installing dependencies for SOFTWARE: ffmpeg
Error: ffmpeg is already installed from homebrew-ffmpeg/ffmpeg!
Please `brew uninstall ffmpeg` first."

Here is a workaround:

brew uninstall ffmpeg
brew install SOFTWARE
brew uninstall --ignore-dependencies ffmpeg
brew install homebrew-ffmpeg/ffmpeg/ffmpeg --with-YOUR-OPTIONS


To report issues, please file an issue on GitHub. Please include the full command line you have tested and the full terminal output you got with. Please note that we will only be able to help with issues that are exclusive to this tap and for OS which are officially supported.

If the problem is reproducible with the homebrew-core version of ffmpeg, please file it on their tracker.


  • Reto Kromer (@retokromer)
  • Werner Robitza (@slhck)


A homebrew tap for an ffmpeg formula with lots of options






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