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First-boot scripts for WiFi, Buttons, Graceful shutdown, HDMI screen rotation and Battery meter. Tested on a raspberryPi zero build
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This project is a quick start configuration script for the Game Boy Zero Retropie build. It includes several features:

  • WiFi credential setup
  • Adafruit Retrogame software installation (hardware buttons)
  • Custom config.txt ready for BW 3.5" screen
  • Automatic screen rotation when connected through HDMI (the composite screen is mounted upside down)
  • Python script for Graceful shutdown circuitry handling
  • Python script for Battery Level meter (
  • Disable the initial boot logo (goes directly to the splashscreen without prompts)
  • Invert the status led behaviour for power saving (the led is powered on sd activity)
  • Downloads a fixed version of pifba for joypad compability
  • Added RTC (Real Time Clock) configuration for DS3231 (NEW!)
  • Added configuration script for super performances! (BETA)

Features included in

  • Map log and tmp folders to ramdisk
  • Swap ram to disk only if strictly needed
  • Replaces the samba server with ProFTP server (more resource-friendly)
  • Replaces OpenSSH with DropBear SSH server (more resource-friendly)
  • Removes avahi-daemon, you cannot use retropie.local in local network, retropie.lan still works :)


This simple schematic illustrates the Graceful shutdown mechanism.

Graceful shutdown

For the Battery Level circuit check out this project!


$ git clone
$ cd GameBoy-Zero-Build/
$ sudo bash
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