convert a markdown format file to a PDF presentation
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convert a "show" file to PDF via some pre-processing, then markdown, then beamer.

This is really a first cut push; I am woefully short of time and will do a better job as soon as I can get some quality time to spend with backslashes :-)


  • this source tree. Contains:

    • the main script "showpdf"
    •, a single file perl script to convert markdown to HTML
    •, to convert HTML to latex
    •, which is the raw input for the "demo" show
    • md2pdf.pdf, which is the corresponding output (strictly speaking should not be checked in, but you may want to see what it looks like without installing and running it...)
  • Markdown, from here

    • but this is really just one perl program so I've included it here
  • the "texlive-latex" package

  • the "graphviz" package

  • (included in this source tree)

  • perl, including the HTML::Entities module

That should do it...


Latex is very very finicky. Debugging this, if it bombs, is a royal PITA. Right now, while this all works fine on Mandriva, it aborts with a "Runaway argument?" error on Fedora 13 and I have neither the time nor the brains to fix it :(