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VeChain Improvement Proposals

VIP stands for VeChain Improvement Proposal. It is a design document providing information, or describing a new feature. The VIP should provide a concise technical specification of the feature.

The VIP author is responsible for building consensus within the community and documenting dissenting opinions.


No. Title Owner Category Status
180 Fungible Token Standard VeChain Application Final
181 Non-Fungible Token Standard VeChain Application Accepted
190 Personal Sign Standard Totient Labs Interface Final
191 Designated Gas Payer Totient Labs Core Draft
192 Simple Self-signed Certificate Qian Bin Interface Draft
193 Committee-Based POA Ziheng Zhou ( and Zhijie Ren ( Core Draft
200 Implementation of SURFACE BFT Protocol Ziheng Zhou ( and Zhijie Ren ( Core Draft
201 Simple Gas Payer Standard Xiqing Chu & Mog Lu Information Draft
210 Semi-Fungible Token(SFT) Standard VeChain Application Draft


Formats and Templates

Each VIP should have the following parts:

  • Header: The metadata about the VIP, including the VIP number, title and the author. See [Header Preamble](#Header Preamble) for details.
  • Overview: A short description of the technical issue being addressed.
  • Rationale: The rationale fleshes out the specification by describing what motivated the design and why particular design decisions were made.
  • Specification: The technical specification should describe the syntax and semantics of any new feature. The specification should be detailed enough to allow competing, interoperable implementations.

Header Preamble

  • VIP: # of proposal
  • Title: VIP title
  • Category: < Core | Application | Interface | Information >
  • Author: List of authors' real names and optionally, email addrs
  • Status: < Draft | Accepted | Deferred | Withdrawn | Final >
  • CreatedAt: Date created on, in ISO 8601 (yyyy-mm-dd) format


There are four kinds of VIP:

  • Core: Improvements requiring a consensus fork
  • Application: Application-level standards and conventions, including contract standards
  • Interface: Improvements around client API specifications and standards, and also certain language-level standards like method names and contract ABIs
  • Information: Describes a design issue, or provides general guidelines or information to the community, but does not propose a new feature

Status Terms

  • Draft: A VIP in draft status must be implemented to be considered for promotion to the next status.
  • Accepted: A VIP that is done with its initial iteration and ready for review by a wide audience.
  • Deferred: A VIP that is not being considered for immediate adoption. May be reconsidered in the future for a subsequent hard fork.
  • Withdrawn: A VIP editor may consider to withdraw the proposal for some reasons.
  • Final: This VIP represents the current state-of-the-art. A Final VIP should only be updated to correct errata.


VeChain Improvement Proposals



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