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VeChain Token-registry - Submit Form

Token-registry is a platform where you can submit the token. Token-registry will provide a list to application includes the token name, symbol, description, image and contract address in Mainnet or Testnet. If you wish your token on the list, you can create a pull request to submit token.


  1. Make sure the contract address is correct (main/test)
  2. Token image is required
  3. Folder name must be the same as the contract address in lowercase
  4. Clear and simple description
  5. Comply with directory & contents rules

Getting Ready for Submission

Fork Token-registry

Forking a repository allows you to create your token details and send a pull request for the maintainers to review and merge into Token-registry.

Generate Token Information

  1. Create a directory in main /test/both and named the directory with Contract address.

Contract address start with 0x + 40 characters and must be lower case, E.g., 0x0000000000000000000000000000456e65726779.

├── main 
│   └── 0x0000000000000000000000000000456e65726779 //Contract address
│       ├── token.png
│       ├── info.json
│       └── additional.json
  1. Import your token image into the directory and named it token.(Image must be png format, transparent backgroundand 256 x 256 pixel size)

  2. Generate a info.json file includes token details.

        "name": "VeThor",
        "symbol": "VTHO",
        "desc": "Represents the underlying cost of using VeChainThor"
  1. Generate an additional.json file includes following details.

Only Twitter / Telegram / Facebook / Medium / Github / Slack are supported

Making a Pull Request / Submit Your token

After Create a pull request, your pull request will be reviewed by maintainers. Once the review is completed, your token will be merged into the base branch.

Get Approved token list

  1. Get tokens information{main|test}.json

  1. Get token icon{item.icon}


Platform where you can submit the token.






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