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sha1-sat -- SAT instance generator for SHA-1


To compile, you first need to make sure you have the Boost libraries installed. When you do, simply run



Before running, please make sure that the espresso binary is in your PATH. espresso is used to minimise the truth tables for the pseudo-boolean constraints used to encode the adders. You can obtain espresso from

tar xzvf espresso-ab-1.0.tar.gz
cd espresso-ab-1.0
cd ..
export PATH="$PWD/espresso-ab-1.0/src:$PATH"

To generate a CNF instance encoding a preimage attack on the full SHA-1 algorithm, run:

./main --cnf --rounds=80 --hash-bits=160 > instance.cnf

To look at the possible options, run:

./main --help

The program can also generate OPB instances (pseudo-boolean constraints) if you specify --opb instead of --cnf.

Verifying solutions

To verify that the solution output by the solver is actually correct, run:

perl verify-preimage instance.cnf solution | ./verify-preimage

Here, 'solution' is the file output e.g. by minisat or the 'v'-line for other popular solvers like CryptoMiniSAT or PrecoSAT. The program returns an error code of 0 if and only if the solution is correct.


I developed this program as part of my master thesis. You can find it here:

The program creates the smallest and easiest-to-solve instances that I know about; in particular, it uses a novel encoding of adders which is described in more detail in my short benchmark description "Instance generator for encoding preimage, second-preimage, and collision attacks on SHA-1", which you can find on page 119 of the SAT Competition 2013 proceedings:

Please e-mail comments, suggestions, etc. to me at

If you use the program in your research, please make a note of this in your acknowledgements and let me know about your paper/thesis/etc.!