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A Crypto Currency tracker using Prometheus and Grafana

This is a project that utilizes Prometheus, Grafana, and the CoinMarketCap Prometheus Exporter.

Crypto Currency Tracker Quickstart

Can't be bothered with setting up Docker to test it out? You are in luck. We created a quickstart using Play-With-Docker (PWD) to start-up the Crypto-Currency Tracker stack inside the Play-With-Docker infrastrucutre so you can try it out. This will allow you to quickly test the stack to see if it meets your needs.

Try in PWD


Before we get started installing the Prometheus stack. Ensure you install the latest version of docker and docker swarm on your Docker host machine. Docker Swarm is installed automatically when using Docker for Mac or Docker for Windows.

Installation & Configuration

Clone the project locally to your Docker host.

Change to the crypto-currency-tracker directory and run the following command:

$ HOSTNAME=$(hostname) docker stack deploy -c docker-compose.yml crypto

That’s it the docker stack deploy command deploys the entire Docker, Prometheus, Grafana and CoinMarketCap stack automagically to the Docker Swarm.  Wait a minute for everything to download and install

Check the Status

In order to check the status of the newly created stack:

$ docker stack ps crypto

View running services:

$ docker service ls

View logs for a specific service

$ docker service logs crypto_<service_name>

Grafana Configuration

The Grafana Dashboard is now accessible via: http://<Host IP Address>:3000 for example

username - admin
password - foobar (Password is stored in the `config.monitoring` env file)

Now we need to create the Prometheus Datasource in order to connect Grafana to Prometheus

  • Click the Grafana Menu at the top left corner (looks like a fireball)
  • Click Data Sources
  • Click the green button Add Data Source

Add the datasource exactly as the screenshot below:

Install Dashboard

I updated the projects Dashboard to add a little bit more flair. You can have a look at the dashboard Grafana Docker Dashboard To install, simply import the dashboard and select from the Grafana menu -> Dashboards -> Import and use the Dashboard ID 4893 and select prometheus` as the datasource.

The original project creator bonovoxly created a nice dashboard available on Grafana Docker Dashboard. Simply download the dashboard and select from the Grafana menu -> Dashboards -> Import and use the Dashboard ID 3890

Security Considerations

This project is intended to be a quick-start to get up and running monitoring Crypto Currencies with Docker, Prometheus, and Grafana. Security has not been implemented in this project. It is the users responsibility to implement Firewall/IpTables, SSL, and access control.

Since this is a template to get started Prometheus and Alerting services are exposing their ports to allow for easy troubleshooting and understanding of how the stack works.