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Cordova interface for the Stockfish chess engine
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Cordova interface for the Stockfish chess engine.

Exemple apps



Stockfish global object exposes only 4 methods. Except for output, they all return promises:

// init engine
Stockfish.init().then(() => console.log('engine ready'))

// send commands
Stockfish.cmd('position startpos').then(() => console.log('command success'))

// register output listener
Stockfish.output(function(message) {
  console.log('stockfish message received:', message)

// exit engine
Stockfish.exit().then(() => console.log('engine successfully exited'))

Upgrade stockfish (lichess)

git remote add stockfish
git subtree pull --prefix=src/share/stockfish --squash stockfish master

Build android

To build the native code in your project, just launch the gradle build using cordova build or cordova run command.

Build IOS

Through XCode, in the build settings menu:

  • Set C++ Language Dialect option to C++11 value.
  • Set C++ Standard Library option to lib++ value.

To enable variants and skill, in custom compiler flags, Other C++ flags section, add:

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