A Xamarin Forms responsive toolkit.
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NuGet license Maintenance

A Xamarin Forms responsive toolkit. It is currently in pre-release as we are testing it and improving it day by day. This toolkit is similar to what we get in Bootstrap. So if you are familiar with Bootstrap you feel right at home with this toolkit.

Below are features already in the toolkit.


Xamstrap's full documentation ias availbale at Xamstrap Documentation.

Sample Application

A sample application including all the features of Xamstrap with sample code. Download Sample Application

Nuget Packages

You can find Nuget package at Xamstrap.

Feature request

Send email at contact@veloxcore.com for new feature request, we'd love to hear from you.

Copyright and license

Code and documentation copyright 2016 the Xamstrap Authors and Veloxcore. Code released under the Apache 2 License.