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@ventoy ventoy released this Sep 13, 2021

  1. Native GUI install program for Linux. (x86_64/i386/aarch64/mips64) (GTK/QT) Notes
  2. Add support for Emergency Boot Kit
  3. Continue to boot when the ISO file size is invalid.
  4. Fix a bug when booting puppy-4.3.1
  5. languages.json update

See for more details.

SHA-256     0b7357e28f95a03bc70f7774c9a8b0062f1ee39057bccf29e21d18726079b0b5
ventoy-1.0.52-linux.tar.gz:    ed1120bcaa63ee810fb8bd712964c73057f70c7648be3125f45e639599a631c2
ventoy-1.0.52-livecd.iso:      67b47da686d024e31be0f6085aa863a2bc0dacc8252ea15e60ac4837fbe3dc88  44db79eee0ff1a40d4241876d38625e770d09f270378ce799a18e5197aecd208
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@ventoy ventoy released this Aug 27, 2021

  1. Experimental support FydeOS/CloudReady Notes
  2. Fix the mount issue for 2K10 Win7x64 PE
  3. Support 2k10 PE x86 series
  4. Support escaped quotes (") in ventoy.json. (#1062)
  5. Support Lenovo EasyStartup
  6. New image support
    FydeOS_for_PC_v12.2-stable.img (UEFI)
    cloudready-free-92.3.4-64bit.img (UEFI)
    EasyStartupv3.7.9.iso (Legacy + UEFI)

See for more details.

SHA-256    a0bda41b53977b1aaff76608ffe4205770d9d669edc57a14ef25bf9b11b47e30
ventoy-1.0.51-linux.tar.gz:   81ae02a06b132b5965dd09c9b64e000a6dafa1d57e03d8564feefda14ef1ee02
ventoy-1.0.51-livecd.iso:     a759f76d094ed9aac24f9074c8f8e1c7381d7efc65c4f523aac3dc4aee0d9bbe e8598526200a98df74da8ba76278c2266ae514158984318887b5ddae89cbc6e9
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@ventoy ventoy released this Aug 14, 2021

  1. Support synoboot.img v1.02b
  2. Fix the boot issue for some Win7PE
  3. Fix the boot issue for Windows in UEFI mode on some Dell server
  4. Fix the boot issue for Untangle distro
  5. Fix the boot issue when install some Lite Windows version with special file name.
  6. Fix Failed to open random seed file error message for arch linux in some UEFI machine.
  7. Fix the check media issue for SUSE/openSUSE.
  8. Add F5-->Tools-->Ventoy UEFI Utilities-->Show EFI Drivers menu
  9. vtoyboot-1.0.18 release Notes
  10. languages.ini update

See for more details.

SHA-256   73ed878d2d465668cf4f0d1376234076fd723f011bf9f2d7c66392183c7f7fbe
ventoy-1.0.50-linux.tar.gz:  b2c87cbb41028a61580a58669cc873cf205992452cc831c8a37ace63aefde78f
ventoy-1.0.50-livecd.iso:    5ab9497b3e975c2a2c9d4eba7895f5032c72d64d327225f915ef1fbf47ddf7a1
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@ventoy ventoy released this Aug 3, 2021

  1. Compatibility improvement for some WinPE
  2. Optimization for booting SUSE/openSUSE
  3. Fixed the boot issue for "StorageCraft Recovery Environment" ISO in UEFI mode (#1034)
  4. languages.ini update

See for more details.

SHA-256   055ffaf3c9dcd3d82ea58b0cb8145226a407847c585ebedfbc14f74b14237695
ventoy-1.0.49-linux.tar.gz:  db7b4411ff41add4acc62c694fba15cbdedef1b7c9b3fb3c3ff57aefe64360e4
ventoy-1.0.49-livecd.iso:    4c32b983b7effb48b64160e731b4e124ca901702680bb541b6a2dd8177ff5d00
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@ventoy ventoy released this Aug 1, 2021

  1. Add Option --> Generate VTSI File feature. Notes
  2. Fix the missing program issue for EasyU
  3. Fix Windows boot issue when Ventoy is booted from rEFInd
  4. Fix the boot issue for latest release of Artix Linux
  5. Fix some bugs for nested boot (e.g. Ventoy-->rEFInd-->Ventoy).
  6. Better support for custom arch iso (#1021)
  7. Remove
  8. languages.ini update

See for more details.

SHA-256   6f0200b68641a27f61d9f5abf85dbecf02b0ff796a6b050814b93ad3f06d6b05
ventoy-1.0.48-linux.tar.gz:  7ca5ef89fcb52884bb313a1b7e3036f79e7505eead005d17a1804e4691c180b1
ventoy-1.0.48-livecd.iso:    a682ef25275df70b493f701646576d49e495de4a9ab5ad6d2b46a510c174cda4
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@ventoy ventoy released this Jul 17, 2021

  1. Optimizations for booting openwrt
  2. Support some floppy images in Memdisk mode
  3. Remove the 2TB limit for the reserved space in Ventoy2Disk.exe
  4. Fixed a bug when booting big boot.wim file.
  5. Compatibility improvement for WinPE which contains PECMD.EXE
  6. Fix Parabola rEFInd booting (#989)
  7. Add check for the built-in browser in
  8. Speedup md5sum/sha1sum/sha256sum/sha512sum command
  9. vtoyboot-1.0.16 release. Notes
  10. vdiskchain-1.3 release. Notes
  11. languages.ini update
  12. New image support
    HBCD_PE_x64.iso v1.0.2 (Legacy + UEFI)
    MocaccinoOS-MATE-0.20210714.iso (Legacy + UEFI)

See for detail.

SHA-256   20a7a5d73680527f9b9dab8d688631a90d114bba20f8eedc409b358b5c62d8a0
ventoy-1.0.47-linux.tar.gz:  1cc045f31779047384f767057458cc9da45a0015d1760bdbc43518fb6faad37d
ventoy-1.0.47-livecd.iso:    7a33f75f075df43d04da3774187ad28f21f42c41c9e20e61882ec96389b75575
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@ventoy ventoy released this Jun 13, 2021

  1. Compatibility improvement for booting ISO file in Legacy BIOS mode.
  2. vtoyboot-1.0.13 release. Notes
  3. Windows VHD(x) boot plugin vhdimg v3.0 release. Notes
  4. Fix a bug about ventoy version message position when VTOY_DEFAULT_IMG was set to F6>xxx
  5. Optimization for booting CRUX distro
  6. Make priority key>parent in menu class plugin
  7. languages.ini update
  8. New image support
    Lakka-Generic.x86_64-3.1.img (Legacy + UEFI)
    Lakka-Generic.x86_64-3.0.img (Legacy + UEFI)

See for detail.

SHA-256   178377a236927fbe9739aedd642a6a21495e4e3995b4b33a9aa10039b4cba303
ventoy-1.0.46-linux.tar.gz:  171432e990418ef99c7bb6c20cb2a93ace194eadfb6cedd4d08bbb536451c4be
ventoy-1.0.46-livecd.iso:    6c6fa85f6e377898c7c0da5698e6eb463ce77fb98a6569f1faf396d9300e01c7
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@ventoy ventoy released this May 29, 2021

  1. Add random theme select support. Notes
  2. Add parent option in auto_install plugin. Notes
  3. Add parent option in injection plugin. Notes
  4. Add for lossless expansion of persistent dat file. Notes
  5. Print progress when use md5sum/sha1sum/sha256sum/sha512sum in grub shell.
  6. Fix pack error in vDisk env (#912)
  7. languages.ini update

See for detail.

SHA-256   b365c5fee94420ec4999b1b21d3bad800600b85ee074330411daa7ee565e954d
ventoy-1.0.45-linux.tar.gz:  7fadb5ed661054fbd9c3f5572131a49c2d97501052e47cfbc4e6de9d94904847
ventoy-1.0.45-livecd.iso:    319d6710212907fa8998ab6dd3bd61a87af3fc207a92fe3bd3c8d369ad94c31d
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@ventoy ventoy released this May 15, 2021

  1. Add WIMBOOT Mode. Notes
  2. Fix issue when install Fedora Server Edition
  3. Add -o option in (#903)
  4. Add parent/isopwd/wimpwd/imgpwd/efipwd/vhdpwd/vtoypwd options in password. Notes
  5. Fix a bug about unaligned read in UEFI mode.

See for detail.

SHA-256   ec836b53506eeb8d3e7e5bc1b769ab74dc957b7f59585ccf225ccacbd236caa3
ventoy-1.0.44-linux.tar.gz:  fd3a3d6e1fd6790d2b2d3937276c5c1ef1c85778d53c131cd9f5ca3e8ea7628e
ventoy-1.0.44-livecd.iso:    a8f06481382d13f5ecf69f118ffb3af44726a5b00c0ca143e41f8e56452e4e98
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@ventoy ventoy released this May 8, 2021

  1. Change the UTF-16 languages.ini to UTF-8 languages.json
  2. The update button is available even if data corrupted in VTOYEFI partition.
  3. Set the default focus to No when you click Install button in Ventoy2Disk.exe.
  4. Fix a BUG when booting Windows VHD(x) with the latest ventoy_vhdboot.img.
  5. Support boot Windows VHD(x) files at local disk. Notes

See for detail.

This release doesn't contain many changes. I release it in advance just for the coming vacation.

SHA-256   bf3084eafdfd315056a993cf02b1a4c6c3797054aaea45cb7a3ab9b6c094e145
ventoy-1.0.43-linux.tar.gz:  12085654919b708a4fd9393572fb4dd10732481f88becb334cce20d5954305a4
ventoy-1.0.43-livecd.iso:    598587fbdf1804749d568b2cba89892fa2fef783c768424f2afcc3739452553f
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