Magithub Status

@vermiculus vermiculus released this Feb 12, 2017 · 10 commits to master since this release

I'm happy to announce this revision of Magithub! Despite being a nominal change from 0.1 to 0.1.1, this is a huge jump in featureset and overall stability.

CI Status

View hub ci-status results in the magit-status header! Press g on the header line to pull in the new status or RET to open your CI's dashboard.


Magithub will normally figure it out on its own, but you may be prompted for the dashboard URL once per repository.

Issues and Pull Requests

Issues, features requests, and pull requests are at your fingertips with an overview provided by hub issue. Press g within the section to refresh the list and RET to open it in your browser. Check out and merge them locally, too!


Note: PRs won't be listed when using hub 2.3+; see #44.

Proxy Repositories

Do you use your own fork of a repository to do your development instead of a branch? Set upstream as your 'proxy repository' with M-x magithub-proxy-set-default to list issues from another remote! Hub doesn't actually support this yet per se, so we have to temporarily fiddle with origin.url to trick it.

Smart Cloning

Try out M-x magithub-clone again! There have been some improvements to choosing the clone's destination directory.


  • Support for repositories
  • Support for magit-repolist-mode
  • Better internal bug reports with an in-house templating system