Rails App for Alycia the Stylist
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Rails App for Alycia the Stylist

We're making a website for my hairstylist! It will be a small SEO (Search Engine Optimized) website that will allow customers to request appointments. When a customer completes the form on the customer page, it will send an email to the stylist with an .ics attachment so she can add the appointment easily to her iPhone calendar.

Customer Page

Bio and pic of stylist and a message of the day Form to get customer name, phone, email, date requested, time requested, service requested Send an email to customer with entered info Send an email to stylist with .ics atachment for appointment

Admin Page

List appointments requested Update and delete appointments requested Resent email to stylist and customer Export log Export csv of customer contact info collected Edit list of services on customer page Edit message of the day

deck of TO DO cards

The Reno Tahoe Women Who Code Meetup is taking this on as a collaborative project. Check out our progress on Meetup.