Common stuff for Vert.x Eventbus bridges
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vert.x bridge common

This repository contains the common configuration for event bus bridges.

Event Bus Bridges

Event bus bridges are components that manage a (generally bidirectional) mapping between the vert.x event bus and another protocol:

    Event Bus <---- BRIDGE ----> Stomp / AMQP / TCP / SOCKJS ...

To configure these bridges you need to configure:

  • which event bus address is accepted by the bridge to be transferred to the third-party protocol.
  • which address / url / topic from the third-protocol is transferred to the event bus

Common configuration

This projects contains two data objects:

  • Bridge Options
  • Permitted Options

BridgeOptions maintains the list of inbound and outbound permitted options, while PermittedOptions describes an address that is accepted by the bridge.

Permitted options be used to match:

  • an exact address
  • an address that match a regular expression
  • messages that match a specific structure (generally use in addition to one of the other option).