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Vertx.x Starter

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Vert.x Starter is an open-source web application for creating Vert.x applications.


Simply click on Generate Project on the web interface to download a project archive.

If you are a CLI adept, you can use any http client (curl, httpie) to invoke the API.

$ curl -X GET -d groupId=com.acme -d language=java -d vertxVersion=3.7.1 -o


Generating a Vert.x application{archiveFormat}

Note: {archiveFormat} can be zip, tgz, tar.gz, etc. if the project generator can handle the format, it will use the appropriate compression tool.

You can provide the following query parameters to customize the project

  • Basic information for the generated project groupId, artifactId
  • language: java or kotlin
  • buildTool: maven or gradle build tool
  • vertxVersion: the Vert.x version
  • vertxDependencies: a comma separated list of artifactIds of the vert.x modules
  • packageName: code package name, derived from groupId and artifactId by default
  • jdkVersion: which version of the JDK to use, defaults to 1.8

Full example:

curl -X GET \
  '' \

The HTTPie equivalent:

$ http \
groupId==io.vertx \
artitfactId==starter \
language==java \
buildTool==maven \
vertxVersion==3.7.1 \
vertxDependencies==vertx-web,vertx-web-client \

Vert.x Starter metadata

The vert.x starter metadata lists all the capabilities proposed by the API. The metadata is used to build the Web UI is exposed to ease the creation of third-party clients (IDE integration, CLI, etc).

Running your own starter

Build from sources

For now, the vertx-starter project is not available on Maven-Central, so you need to build it from source.

In order to build it, you will need Java 1.8.

Building fat jar

$ ./gradlew shadowJar

Running the app locally

$ ./gradlew vertxRun

Note: you need MongoDB. You may run it using Docker:

$ docker run --rm -d mongo -p 27017:27017


Vert.x starter relies on the vertx-boot launcher. The application is configured by src/main/resources/application.conf. Please see the according documentation to know how to override the configuration.


To release the project, proceed as follows.

First, tag the last commit in master branch:

git tag -f -a x.y.z -m "Version x.y.z"
git push upstream  --tags

Close the corresponding milestone on GitHub.

Then merge the master branch into the prod branch:

git checkout prod
git merge master
git push

Travis will automatically redeploy the starter if the prod branch build passes.

Eventually, checkout master again and update the version property in the Gradle build file. For example:

git checkout master
sed -i -e 's/version = "2\.0\.4"/version = "2.0.5"/' build.gradle.kts
git commit -a -m "Set version to 2.0.5"
git push


Vert.x Starter is Open Source software released under the Apache 2.0 license.

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