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Functions that assist in working with strings. Node.js
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Word contains functions that assist in working with strings.


  • strip slashes
  • strip quotes
  • quotes to entities
  • random strings
  • repeat string
  • censor words in text
  • strip links
  • auto links
  • excerpts
  • word limit
  • pluralize
  • join
  • capitalize
  • camel-case
  • slug
word = require 'word'

result = null

result = word.stripSlashes "O\\'reilly" # strips slashes.

result = word.stripQuotes "foo ' bar" # strips quotes

result = word.quotesEntities "foo ' bar" # quotes to entities

result = word.random 5 # returns random string with length of 5

result = word.repeat 'foo', 3 # repeats n times a string

result = word.censor 'foo', 'foo', '***' # censors bad words.

result = word.censor 'foo bar baz', ['foo', 'bar'], '***'

result = word.stripLinks 'baz <a href="" class="foobar">Foo</a>' # strips links

result = word.autoLink "" # links -> a + href

result = word.excerpt 'foobar', 3 # extracts an excerpt from string

result = word.limit 'foo bar baz bar foo.', 3 # limits text to n words.

result = word.wrap 'foooo bar baz', 3 # wraps text to given length.

result = word.pluralize 2, 'dog' # pluralize or not, depends on supplied count.

Want to use it as helper in your express app? Sure.


$ npm install word


$ npm install
$ make test


MIT License

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