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This is the third maintenance release of the stable Veyon 4.2.x series with major improvements and bug fixes:

Changes since 4.2.2

  • Core: improve log messages for debugging
  • Core: improve network object queries allowing to query by any attribute
  • Core: show hostnames instead of IP address in access confirmation dialog
  • AccessControl: fix location lookups for hosts
  • AccessControl: recognize accesses from local interface IP addresses as localhost accesses
  • Server: show remote connection notification only after access control has been passed
  • Server: improve authentication and access control failure notifications
  • Server: show FQDN of local computer in tray icon tooltip
  • Service: make multi-session support work properly on Windows
  • Configurator: enable checkbox for multi-session support
  • Configurator: fix call recursion for users with special privileges (#536)
  • Config: allow setting string list properties such as AccessControl/AuthorizedUserGroups via CLI (#537)
  • LDAP: do not return invalid host objects when querying hosts
  • LDAP: properly convert computer names to LDAP host format when querying hosts (fixes access control rule processing with location-specific conditions)
  • Linux: fix crash in authentication helper program (#521, #538)
  • Windows: update libraries (Qt 5.12.4, OpenSSL 1.1.1c)
  • Prepare Android build support
  • Update translations
  • Many internal code optimizations and modernizations
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