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VGMPlay Build Status

The official and always up-to-date player for all VGM files.

In the future, the existing VGMPlay will be replaced by libvgm, which is currently in development.


Compile VGMPlay under Windows

Using MS Visual Studio 6.0:

  1. Open VGMPlay.dsw.
  2. Build the project.
  3. Done.

Using later versions of MS Visual Studio:

  1. Open VGMPlay.vcxproj.
  2. Build the project.
  3. Done.

Using MinGW/MSYS:

  1. open MSYS and run make WINDOWS=1 in VGMPlay's folder.
  2. Done.

Note: You can compile it without MSYS, but you need to manually create the OBJDIRS paths (or make them use the backslash ''), because mkdir fails at paths with a forward slash.

Compile VGMPlay under Linux

  1. [optional step] If you have libao installed, you can edit the Makefile to make VGMPlay use libao instead of OSS.
  2. run make in VGMPlay's folder
  3. Done. Optionally sudo make install and sudo make play_install.

Building on Ubuntu (16.04)


The following packages are needed in order to compile the binaries

sudo apt-get install make gcc zlib1g-dev libao-dev libdbus-1-dev



Compile VGMPlay under macOS

  1. install libao by executing the line brew install libao
  2. run make install MACOSX=1 DISABLE_HWOPL_SUPPORT=1 in VGMPlay's folder (Alternatively edit the Makefile to set those constants and just run make.)
  3. Done.

Thanks to grauw for macOS compilation instructions.

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