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VGS Collect Android SDK Demo

This examples shows how easily you can integrate VGS Collect Android SDK into your application and secure sensitive data with us.

How to run it?


Step 1

Go to your VGS organization and establish Inbound connection.

Step 2

Clone demo application repository.

git clone

Step 3

Find MainActivity.kt and set variable VAULT_ID. vault id.
Your current <vault_id> you can find in Dashboard

Step 4

Run the application and submit the form then go to the Logs tab on a Dashboard find request and secure a payload. Instruction for this step you can find here.

Useful links


Link Description
SSN Field Sample This sample demonstrates basic example of how manage SSN Field.
Payment Card Number Sample This sample demonstrates basic example of how use Payment Card Number field.
Multiregional Support Sample This sample of Activity shows you how to support different regions(EU, US).
File Provider Sample This sample demonstrates how to use manage different files in VGS Collect SDK(get access to the file, attach to SDK, detach, submit).
Field States Tracking Sample This sample shows how to handle fields states.
Card Scanning Sampe This sample of Activity shows you how to gather and send data for multiplexing.