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** For all documentation see the project website: http://github.com/vhochstein/active_scaffold/wiki **

ActiveScaffold Gem/Plugin by Scott Rutherford (scott@caronsoftware.com), Richard White (rrwhite@gmail.com), Lance Ivy (lance@cainlevy.net), Ed Moss, Tim Harper and Sergio Cambra (sergio@entrecables.com)

Uses DhtmlHistory by Brad Neuberg (bkn3@columbia.edu)

Uses Querystring by Adam Vandenberg

Uses Paginator by Bruce Williams

Supports RecordSelect by Lance Ivy

== Version Information

Please note the following list of Active Scaffold branches and Rails versions. Master will not work with Rails < 2.2

Active Scaffold master currently supports rails-3.1, but incompatible changes can be introduced, if you want an stable version, use rails-2.3
Rails 3.0.*: Active Scaffold rails-3.0
Rails 2.3.*: Active Scaffold rails-2.3
Rails 2.2.*: Active Scaffold rails-2.2
Rails 2.1.*: Active Scaffold rails-2.1
Rails < 2.1: Active Scaffold 1-1-stable (no guarantees)

Since Rails 2.3, render_component plugin is needed for nested and embbeded scaffolds. It works with rails-2.3 branch from ewildgoose repository:
script/plugin install git://github.com/ewildgoose/render_component.git -r rails-2.3

== Rails 3.0 compatible fork of activesaffold by Volker Hochstein:

Since Rails 3.0 render_component is not used for nesting, but is optional for embedded scaffolds.
Since Rails 3.0, https://github.com/rails/verification.git is also needed.

If you want to install as plugins under vendor/plugins, install these versions:
  rails plugin install git://github.com/vhochstein/render_component.git
  rails plugin install git://github.com/rails/verification.git
  rails plugin install git://github.com/vhochstein/active_scaffold.git -r 'rails-3.0'

If you want to use the gem, add to your Gemfile:
  gem "active_scaffold_vho"

In case you would like to use most recent commit:
  gem 'active_scaffold_vho', :git => 'git://github.com/vhochstein/active_scaffold.git', :branch => 'rails-3.0'

== Pick your own javascript framework

The Rails 3.0 version uses unobtrusive Javascript, so you are free to pick your javascript framework.
Out of the box Prototype or JQuery are supported:

Prototype 1.7 (default js framework)
rails.js in git://github.com/vhochstein/prototype-ujs.git

JQuery 1.4.1, 1.4.2

JQuery > 1.4.2

To configure the javascript framework when installed under vendor/plugins/
uncomment last line in ...plugins/active_scaffold/lib/active_scaffold_env.rb in order to use jquery instead of prototype

To configure the javascript framework when installed as a gem:
Add a config/initializers/active_scaffold.rb containing:
ActiveScaffold.js_framework = :jquery # :prototype is the default

== Rails 3.1 compatible fork of activesaffold by Volker Hochstein:
under construction

Released under the MIT license (included)