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Via Labs [archive]

Via Protocol is the most advanced cross-chain aggregation protocol

Via Router       

Hey ✌️!

We at VIA are trying to solve one of the most critical problems in Web3, in your opinion, the bad cross-chain experience. It's too hard to be part of two or more ecosystems like Ethereum, Solana and Near.

New users don't need to deal with DEX and bridging!

That's why we developed the cross-chain liquidity aggregator

Join our community!


  1. tokenlists tokenlists Public

    Trusted tokenlists for 29 blockchains

    Python 132 44

  2. web3-wallets web3-wallets Public

    Connect multiple web3 wallets to your dapp easily

    TypeScript 140 63

  3. via-sdk-js via-sdk-js Public

    TypeScript 54 16

  4. via-protocol-info via-protocol-info Public

    Advanced Cross-Chain Liquidity Aggregation Protocol

    14 10

  5. via-landing via-landing Public

    TypeScript 17 12


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