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Multi-chain token list standard.


In this repo you may find tokenlists aggregated from various trusted providers, such as sushiswap or 1inch. We only list a token if it appeared in 2 or more different tokenlists. So we believe that if 2 or more providers list a token, than it is most likely not a scam.

Usage example

If you want to use tokenlist in your dApp — simply download json with needed chain tokens. Head for raw link like (Ethereum tokenlist)

or (Binance Smart Chain Tokenlist)


We collect tokenlists from github repos or open APIs from various platforms, currently:

Feel free to add new provider if you think it is trusted and if it has opensource tokenlists, on github or in API.

Chains with trusted tokens

Here are chains presented in our tokenlists with current token count. You can find out more in /tokenlists folder. Token counts are approximate and may vary as providers update their tokenlists.

  • Ethereum, 1531 tokens
  • Bsc, 1004 tokens
  • Polygon, 681 tokens
  • 101, 507 tokens
  • Solana, 394 tokens
  • Avax, 359 tokens
  • Ftm, 321 tokens
  • Gnosis, 285 tokens
  • Heco, 197 tokens
  • Arbitrum, 178 tokens
  • Optimism, 101 tokens
  • Aurora, 86 tokens
  • Harmony, 76 tokens
  • Cronos, 68 tokens
  • Celo, 68 tokens
  • Moonriver, 61 tokens
  • Okex, 48 tokens
  • Moonbeam, 34 tokens
  • Fuse, 23 tokens
  • Evmos, 21 tokens
  • Astar, 15 tokens
  • Boba, 13 tokens
  • Telos, 10 tokens
  • Kcc, 9 tokens


  • Rinkeby
  • Ropsten
  • Goerli
  • Mumbai
  • etc.

How are tokenlists formed

We collect many tokenlists from many providers, then we aggregate them by chains and tokens addresses. For each token we check whether it is listed in 2 or more tokenlists from different providers. If so, we add it to our trusted tokenlist.

Run aggregation script yourself

Install requirements $ pip3 install -r requirements.txt Run the script from repo root folder python3

Generate based on aggregated data



Feel free to open issues and PRs with tokens, chains or providers that you want to add.

Developed by Via.Exchange team