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d3.js boilerplate

d3.js boilerplate is an opinionated template system designed to help you build a sophisticated data driven document as fast as possible. By providing a full featured template and encouraging the use of useful tools, this project aims to help developers passively and actively cut down on development time.

This is the big productive brother of Visulization Data.

How it works

d3.js boilerplate is a system that changes as your data visualization needs do. The idea is to checkout the git branch that best matches your needs.


jquery-ui and d3.js together on a single page? git checkout jquery-ui Only need d3.js? git checkout basic

General usage

Unless otherwise specified, each branch has the following files:


  • index.html


  • js/
  • js/d3.v2.min.js
  • js/jquery.min.js
  • js/underscore.min.js


  • css/index.less

Coffescript, {less}, and Heroku use are encouraged to speed up development and deployment. Learning how to use these technologies within this context will save you a ton of time.


Checkout each branch on github to see how to develop and deploy each specific branch.

  • basic - only has d3.js installed.
  • jquery-ui - A simple example of how to use jquery-ui to interact with d3.js.
  • backbone- Deeplinking d3.js with backbone.
  • bootstrap - Pretty pages!
  • dashboard - Creating a dashboard with d3.js, bootstrap, and backbone.


Tralfamadore needs more pull requests!

Current Major TODOS

  • Try to scale MathJax down some. It's huge. Only the SVG components are used, so everything else can fall away. This will be moved to the MathJax branch once it gets made. But the files do slow down cloning, and thus the point of the project, pretty hard most of the time.
  • Add in more branches. Ideas: rickshaw, cubism, MathJax - Interactive graphics with Latex annotations, crossfilter - How to throw around millions of data points, graphene - Customizing graphene, investigator - A bootstrap backed website that builds on rickshaw, jquery-ui, underscore, and backbone to provide a jumping off point for designing your own data investigator.
  • Get a better website set up to view all this all pretty like. Use sandcastle.

Check each branch for more specific items.


See each branch for licenses. Unless otherwise licensed, this code is released into the public domain as is, no warranty attached.