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keepContent is Discontinued. please fork this repo to keep it running. see this: Issue #1


A neat bookmarklet to organize your Google Keep notes.

It creates a table of content for your Google Keep, and let you jump to a specific note by clicking on the title

Last seen working date: 2015-05-26

#How to install

  1. open bookmarklet.js
  2. copy all the sourcecode from line //javascript: all the way to })();
  3. create a bookmark in your browser and name it keepContent
  4. paste the source code to the address field of the bookmark
  5. remove the very first // signs from the code
  6. save the bookmark

#How to use

  1. open Google Keep webapp from your browser
  2. click on the bookmarklet to inject a table of content to your page
  3. click on the title to jump to your notes
  4. click expand/collapse to temporary hide the table of content
  5. click refresh to rebuild the table of content if you have dynamically loaded new content
  6. click exit to remove the injected plugin

#How to customize

  1. copy the source code to a text editor (like sublime)
  2. edit the options object
  3. follow How to install above to update the bookmarklet with new config


A neat bookmarklet to organize your Google Keep notes.






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