sbit3 is like pastebin for files.
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sbit3 is like pastebin for files.

It is a tornado app and a client script that allows you to easily upload
a file from any command line into Amazon's S3 service. It provides you 
with a shorterned, time-limited URL that you can share to anyone.

You can run the server on your own AWS account if you'd like. 
As a server, sbit3 uses no local storage and only minimal amounts
of CPU and RAM, as most S3 interactions are direct and not proxied.

Download the client to upload and share a file:
curl -o [somewhere in your path]

1) Use sbit3 to upload the file:
    user@localhost:~$ ./sbit3 (link expires in 10 minutes)
or to specify your own expiration time:
    user@localhost:~$ ./sbit3 --expires 42 (link expires in 42 minutes)

2) Share the short URL with someone.
If they use a command line, they'll need to pass curl the  -L option 
to follow redirects and to specify a filename since curl doesn't 
guess the filename like browsers ("-o"):
    user@localhost:~$ curl -L -o

Server dependencies:
 * Python 2.6
 * Tornado
 * Boto
 * Amazon AWS account with S3 & SDB

Client dependencies (to upload files):
 * Linux/OSX/Windows (cygwin) with python2.6

Download dependencies:
 * Any system with HTTP abilities

 * Add some error handling
 * S3 cleanup code once files are expired
 * Allow client-side encryption pre-upload