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HAP is a family of video codecs which perform decompression using a computer's graphics hardware, substantially reducing the CPU usage necessary to play video — this is useful in situations where CPU power is a limiting factor, such as when working with multiple high resolution videos in real-time.

Using HAP

Please visit the HAP site for links to encoders and more information about HAP as well as resources for developers.

Specification and Reference Source

This repository hosts the HAP specification and reference source code for encoding and decoding HAP frames. It will be of interest to those implementing their own decoder or encoder.

Test Materials

Developers of decoders may find the following packs of material useful for testing:

  • Odd Dimensions: Samples with irregular dimensions (2 MB zip)
  • 16K: Samples at high resolution (35 MB zip)
  • FFmpeg: Samples encoded using FFmpeg (24 MB zip)
  • TouchDesigner: Samples encoded using Derivative TouchDesigner (1.5 GB zip)
  • AVF Batch Converter: Samples encoded using Vidvox AVF Batch Converter (35 MB zip)
  • QuickTime Codec: Samples encoded using the Vidvox QuickTime codec (20 MB zip)
  • DirectShow Codec: Samples encoded using the RenderHeads DirectShow codec (5 MB zip)

Vidvox also have a selection of sample media.


The HAP codec project is open-source, licensed under a Free BSD License, meaning you can use it in your commercial or noncommercial applications free of charge.

We like to know about software that supports HAP, so if you are using it for a project, please get in touch.

This project was originally written by Tom Butterworth and commissioned by VIDVOX, 2012.