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EucaLobo is an application for managing Eucalyptus resources with a simple and easy to use client-side UI.

This project is a fork of EucaLobo with URLs replaced to point at a Eucalyptus install.

In addition, it integrates well with the AWS command line tools such that the user can easily configure both EucaLobo and the CLI to work together.

Setting up for Eucalyptus

  • To download the EucaLobo project from the GitHub repository:

     git clone
  • Setup an endpoint in the UI with the following URL:


Testing On Mac OS X

  • To download the EucaLobo project from the GitHub repository:

    git clone
  • Primary development is done on Mac so there is a special dev mode to run it as an OS X application with symlinks to the actual source code:

     make run
  • To get updates, execute the following in the source directory:

     git pull

Testing On Windows

Testing on Linux

Building Releases

Releases must be built on a Mac and cannot be built on Windows. To create binary packages for both Mac and Windows, just type: make build. This will produce .zip files for each platform.

Passing credentials on the command line

The parameters are:

  • -key: AWS access key
  • -secret: AWS secret access key
  • -endpoint: URL for the endpoint
  • -token: security token
  • -name: name for the passed credentials
  • -lock: lock the credentials and do not allow user to change them
  • -jsconsole: load the javascript debug console


Victor Iglesias Vlad Seryakov

QA and Support:

  • Mark Ryland
  • Ben Butler
  • Tim Wilson
  • Chris Gorski
  • Nathan McCourtney
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