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ISO Country data in JSON and CSV format.
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ISO Country, Language, Currency and Region Data

I created this repo as I wanted just the minimal dataset to import into other projects. It is based on the raw data from the excellent NodeJS project OpenBookPrices/country-data, is provided with the same LICENSE and features the following changes:

  • CSV files have been CSV-linted and reformatted to 'Standard CSV'
  • The files have all been JSON-linted and re-formatted slightly.
  • Added minified (.min.json) version of each JSON file
  • regions.js has been compiled into JSON and flattened down to 1 level
  • regions.js has a new entry 'eurozone' for countries using the EURO (€)

Note that there is intentionally no regions.csv file.


The data currently provided for each country is:


Countries are ofter grouped into regions. The list of regions is by no means exhaustive, pull requests very welcome for additions.

  • countries An array of alpha2 codes for the countries in this region.


It is not that useful to just have the currency code(s) for a country, so included is currency data too:

  • name The english name for the currency
  • code The ISO 4217 code
  • number The ISO 4217 number
  • decimals The number of decimal digits conventionally shown


A list of languages provided by ISO 639-2;

  • name The english name for the language
  • alpha2 The two letter ISO 639-1 code for the language (may be blank).
  • alpha3 The three letter terminological ISO 639-2 code for the language (may be blank).
  • bibliograpic The three letter bibliographic ISO 639-2 code for the language (may be blank).
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