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Admin One Laravel Dashboard (SPA)
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Admin One Laravel Dashboard (SPA)

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Vue Bulma Admin Dashboard

Admin One Laravel Dashboard (SPA) is simple yet beautiful Laravel Admin Dashboard.

  • Built for Laravel 5.8+ and 6.0+
  • Fully-styled auth scaffolding
  • Profile & avatar management with back-end
  • Full Resource CRUD Sample (with front-end & back-end)
  • Free under MIT License
  • SPA — Single page app
  • Built with Vue.js, Bulma & Buefy
  • SCSS sources with variables
  • More than 17 custom components
  • Premium version available is happy to share this dashboard with you. Feel free to give your feedback

Table of Contents

VueCLI version

VueCLI 3.6 version available at

More info on free & premium versions of Admin One Dashboard:

Description & Demo

Quick Start

To install, please follow these steps. Note: We assume you start with a fresh Laravel project.

  • cd to project directory
  • composer require vikdiesel/admin-one-laravel-dashboard --dev
  • php artisan make:auth (skip this step on Laravel 6.x)
  • php artisan preset admin-one
  • php artisan migrate
  • php artisan db:seed
  • npm install
  • npm run dev or npm run prod

Browser Support

We try to make sure Dashboard works well in latest versions of all major browsers

Chrome Firefox Microsoft Edge Opera Safari

Reporting Issues

JustBoil's free items are limited to community support on GitHub.

The issue list is reserved exclusively for bug reports and feature requests. That means we do not accept usage questions. If you open an issue that does not conform to the requirements, it will be closed.

  1. Make sure that you are using the latest version of the Dashboard. Issues for outdated versions are irrelevant
  2. Provide steps to reproduce
  3. Provide an expected behavior
  4. Describe what is actually happening
  5. Platfrom, Browser & version as some issues may be browser specific


Package info

Tested with Laravel 5.8+ and 6.0+ (but should work well with everything above 5.5).

In case of errors, just manually merge package's src/stubs directory into your app's base directory and install npm dependencies listed in src/AdminOnePreset.php

Useful Links

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