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Opencart Overclocked - Community Edition

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For a Demo of the current release, click HERE.


OpenCart Overclocked Edition is a community project aimed at making OpenCart Shopping Cart faster, richer, leaner and even more user friendly. To achieve this, every line of code inside every file has been checked, adjusted and corrected when necessary, in accordance with the official OpenCart Coding Standards. OpenCart Overclocked Edition is based originally on OpenCart v1.5.6.x but most scripts have been updated or replaced by newer, better or faster versions. Many extra features have also been added, most of them in response to user feedback from the OpenCart Forum.

Project Philosophy:

OpenCart Overclocked Edition's main objective is to keep the code simple, efficient and flexible for the final user, aka the shop owner. OpenCart always has been a great tool for people wanting to start and run their own business. Not only because it is opensource, but also because up to version 1.5.6.x the code was pure HTML, PHP and CSS, making it very easy to customise and tweak with only limited coding skills or even no experience at all. For this reason OpenCart Overclocked Edition is based on OpenCart v1.5.6.x, and its ambition is to become the most user friendly, the most stable, the most secure, the most practical and the easiest opensource shopping cart package available. Each new release will bring newer and better features, upgraded scripts, bug fixes and general improvements. Being a "Community Edition" means that everybody can get involved, you don't need to be a "Coding Guru" to participate because it is not about the code, it is about the ideas! So feel free to post your comments or get in touch!


  • Server: Linux/Windows Server (Apache Linux is preferred)
  • Database: MySQL, MySQLi, PDO (MySQLi is preferred)
  • Curl: Curl extensions
  • PHP: PHP 5.4+

NEW in v1.11.1!

  • Improved Catalog Search.
  • Replaced SwipeBox with ViewBox.
  • Added Digital Download Shipping.
  • Added Ripple effect to Admin buttons.
  • Bug fixes.

Overclocked Edition main features, compared with official OpenCart v1.5.6.x:

GDPR compliance, Banner Clicks report, Wishlist report, Abandoned Cart recovery, Admin Notifications, Custom Admin theme manager, Custom Menu System, Custom Footer System, Responsive Default Theme, Template Control System, Full Page Image Manager with multi-uploads, Cache Managers for Files and Images, SEO Keywords Manager, Integrated News (Blog), DomPDF library for PDF order downloads, StoreYa Feed, Full SSL support in Catalog, Direct printing of invoices, Custom Colour & Style for footer, Touch/Swipe enabled, Improved Affiliates features, Api Keys management forms, Supplier management forms, Product RSS Feed, Product labels system, Cookie Consent code, New Modules & Shipping methods, Admin User Agent detector, New and updated Payment methods, Tag cloud, Alexa & Matomo connectors, Customer Group image, Ajax Search, Store Google Map, Invoicing with tax breakdown, Contact Email logging, Custom Payment labels, Ip Range blocker (firewall), Stronger Session & Captcha Classes, Autocomplete for offers, Seo-Urls caching, "Save & Continue" for all Admin forms, EU taxes for E-medias Law, Customer Order Picklist & Order History, Customer Gender & Date of Birth (optional), Import/Export Tool, Product Minimum Age limit, Product Wall page, Product Quote system, Profit Margins & Stock Levels reports, Colours for Product, VQmod and VQmanager, Improved Search, Better PayPal Express button, Better Install & Upgrade scripts, One Page Checkout (optional), Express Checkout (optional), Multi-language Manufacturers, Multi-language Countries, FraudLabs Pro integration, Font-Awesome library, Admin menu icons, Choice of 5 product image viewers, PHP 7.2+ support, Media Player, "Free" for zero prices, All fixes from Community Edition RC1/2 applied, Better Dashboard ...


  • 1 - Download the latest version of Overclocked Edition.
  • 2 - Upload the zip archive directly to your server (can be local or live).
  • 3 - Unzip the archive in a temporary folder of your choice.
  • 4 - Copy/Paste the content of the "upload" folder at the root of your domain.
  • 5 - Find the 2 "config-dist.php" files (root and /admin) and rename them "config.php".
  • 6 - Create an empty database on your server and give your username all privileges.
  • 7 - Run the installer by entering "/install/index.php" in your browser.
  • 8 - Once you have completed the installer, simply go to your new Admin!

To UPGRADE to the latest version of Overclocked Edition:

Same as the above INSTALLATION guidelines, but without steps 5 and 6:

  • Do not overwrite your "config.php" files! ... just Skip step 5.
  • No need for a new database. ... just Skip step 6.

Then, when running step 7, you will be presented with the Upgrade page instead.

Just click "Upgrade". Done!

Also available on Packagist:


  • Test and report bugs, typos or improvements.
  • Design new Extensions and Themes.
  • Suggest new features.
  • Star the project.

LICENCE: GPLv3 (GNU General Public License)

FORUM: Overclocked Edition Forum