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Should fit the ":help syntax" section better.
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17 doc/ft-ruby-syntax.txt
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-RUBY *ruby.vim* *ft-ruby-syntax*
+RUBY *ruby.vim* *ft-ruby-syntax*
There are a number of options to the Ruby syntax highlighting.
@@ -8,8 +8,7 @@ There are a number of options to the Ruby syntax highlighting.
4. Reducing expensive operations |ruby_no_expensive| |ruby_minlines|
-1. Ruby operators *ruby_operators*
+1. Ruby operators *ruby_operators*
Ruby operators can be highlighted.
@@ -18,8 +17,7 @@ This is enabled by defining "ruby_operators": >
:let ruby_operators = 1
-2. Whitespace errors *ruby_space_errors*
+2. Whitespace errors *ruby_space_errors*
Whitespace errors can be highlighted by defining "ruby_space_errors": >
@@ -31,8 +29,7 @@ as errors. This can be refined by defining "ruby_no_trail_space_error" and
"ruby_no_tab_space_error" which will ignore trailing whitespace and tabs after
spaces respectively.
-3. Folds *ruby_fold*
+3. Folds *ruby_fold*
Folds can be enabled by defining "ruby_fold": >
@@ -42,8 +39,7 @@ Folds can be enabled by defining "ruby_fold": >
This will set the value |foldmethod| to "syntax" locally to the current buffer
or window, which will enable syntax-based folding when editing Ruby filetypes.
-4. Reducing expensive operations *ruby_no_expensive*
+4. Reducing expensive operations *ruby_no_expensive*
By default, the "end" keyword is colorized according to the opening statement
of the block it closes. While useful, this feature can be expensive; if you
@@ -54,7 +50,8 @@ you may want to turn it off by defining the "ruby_no_expensive" variable: >
In this case the same color will be used for all control keywords.
- *ruby_minlines*
+ *ruby_minlines*
If you do want this feature enabled, but notice highlighting errors while
scrolling backwards, which are fixed when redrawing with CTRL-L, try setting
the "ruby_minlines" variable to a value larger than 50: >

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