Record and Replay your editing Session
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Feedback is welcome. Please rate this plugin, if you like it.

This plugin does not cope with recording and replaying macros, rather it steps though your undo tree so you can see, 
what changes have been done, since starting editing. It also allows to simply screen record a Vim session using ffmpeg/avconv so you can easily share with others how to work with Vim.

Use :StartRecording "tag" to start recording from the current change on and save it under the name "tag"
Use :StopRecording "tag" to let the Recording for "tag" end at this change.
Use :Replay "tag" to Replay your changes.

You can usually leave tagname out and Replay.vim will record your changes under the name "Default".
See :h Replay.txt to read the help

This Plugin is also available at github: