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This is a mirror of http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=2709

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This plugin enables vim to read files, using sudo or su or any other tool that
can be used for changing the authentication of a user. Therefore it needs any
of sudo or su installed and usable by the user. This means, you have to know
the credentials to authenticate yourself as somebody else.

This plugin is basically an extended version from sudo.vim 
(http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=729), which seems to be 
unmaintained now. For compatibility reasons, it also supports the sudo: protocol 
handler, as sudo.vim provides. 

That's why this plugin probably won't work on Windows, but you might be able
to configure it to use a method that works on Windows (see :h SudoEdit-config)

By default SudoEdit will first try to use sudo and if sudo is not found it
will fall back and try to use su. Note, that you might have to configure these
tools, before they can use them successfully.

SudoEdit requires at least a Vim Version 7 with patch 111 installed. Patch 111
introduced the shellescape() functionality.

The Plugin provides the 2 Commands :SudoRead for reading a file and SudoWrite
for writing a file using the provided super user authentication mechanism. Both 
commands have file completion enabled to ease the selection of files (if you are able 
to read the path as ordinary user).

You can optionally configure it to use any other tool, instead of sudo/su. So you could 
probably adjust it to work on Windows or you can use ssh as authentication method.