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Clipboard and other register content editor.
Vim script
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This is a mirror of

Requires Vim 6.3

See vimtip#805 for an easy way to use the plugin as an external editor for most applications on windows.

This is a very simple utility that allows you to quickly view and edit contents (only those that are not read-only) of various registers that Vim supports. Most useful to quickly view and modify system clipboard using a shortcut (see Installation section). I often use this technique to even strip off the RTF to simple-text while copying from one application to other (that suppot RTF format, such as IE to Outlook).

- Execute the default map (\cb or <Leader>cb) or :ClipBrd command to view
  the default register ("*", the clipboard register). You can also specify
  the register name as an argument to the :ClipBrd command.
- The register name is remembered (until you change it again by explicitly
  specifying it) so that you don't have to specify it everytime you run
  :ClipBrd command.
- The "[Clip Board]" buffer is like a regular Vim file buffer, as you can
  write (:w, :w!, :wq, :wq!), reload (:e, :e!) and quit (:q, :q!) the
  buffer using the built-in Vim commands. Writing without the bang will
  make the plugin prompt you for confirmation and where available, you can
  click "Cancel" to prevent the buffer from quitting.
- To refresh contents from the register, use :e or :e! command, or just
  close and reopen the buffer. To quit without saving, just use the :q!
- Even other buffer commands and settings work as expected, e.g., you can
  :hide the buffer if you can't decide to save or quit, and the contents
  should remain the same when you come back, unless a different register
  is explicitly specified while opening the clipboard. Setting 'bufhidden'
  to "hide" or 'hidden' also should do the same.

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