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This is a mirror of http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=4275

Syntax file for SAP HANA

Supports all SQL elements of the SAP HANA SP4 release.

Assuming you are editing a .sql file (Vim sets the filetype to be SQL), then by default Vim assumes Oracle syntax.

This syntax file works in conjunction with ftplugin/sql.vim, indent/sql.vim and syntax/sql.vim to load the correct SQL dialect.

To change from Oracle syntax to a different SQL dialect you can initiate this by running:
:SQLSetType sqlhana.vim
:SQLSetType <tab key> to cycle through all supported SQL dialects.
:SQLSetType sqlh<tab key> to cycle through all supported SQL dialects starting with "sqlh". 

Or to change Vim's default Oracle dialect to HANA you can put the following in your .vimrc:
    let g:sql_type_default = 'sqlhana'

To read more on these options see:
:h sql.txt