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Finely tuned soft gamma, 256 colors, dark background, gvim == vim
Latest commit ae38fd5 May 30, 2011 @x1o x1o committed with Version 1.5
Experimental colours for HTML, NERDTree plugin, django templates, something else... Some fixes from the cool folks 'round the globe (big up!)
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colors Version 1.5 Jun 3, 2011
README Version 1.5 Jun 3, 2011


This is a mirror of

 * Django template, random HTML page:
 * NEDRTree, crazy vim autocomplete:
 * vimdiff (indispensable for the sysadmins out there!):
--- outdated a little ---
 * GUI, C code with a :split and foldings:
 * Console, C code:
 * GUI, Python:
 * Console, Bash:

I find this colorscheme to be IDE-compliant with its blue statements, gray comments and yelowish strings, constants and numbers. Colors should look almost similar in vim, running in any modern terminal emulator (like recent versions of xterm or konsole), and in GTK2 GUI.
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