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Silly game for Vim 8.2
Vim script
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Silly game to show off the new features of Vim 8.2:

  • Popup windows with colors and mask
  • Text properties to highlight text
  • Sound


Use your favorite plugin manager.

For example, using vim-plug:

Plug 'vim/killersheep'

Or download the files using the zip archive, and unpack them in your pack directory ~/.vim/pack/mine/opt/killersheep/. Then load the pack manually with:

packadd killersheep

Or put this in your vimrc:

packadd! killersheep

How to play

First of all: make sure you can hear the sound (or put on your headphones if you don't want your friends/colleagues to find out what you are doing).


Or, if you don't have conflicting commands, just:


In the game:

Key Description
l move cannon right
h move cannon left
Space fire cannon
Esc exit game


  • Vim 8.2
  • feature +textprop
  • feature +sound or command "afplay", "paplay" or "cvlc".
  • terminal with at least 45 lines
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