Read, reduce and detrend K2 photometry and search for transiting planets
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This code can be used to read, reduce and detrend K2 photometry.

This code is accompanied by a paper (Van Eylen et al. 2015, ApJ), "THE K2-ESPRINT PROJECT II: SPECTROSCOPIC FOLLOW-UP OF THREE EXOPLANET SYSTEMS FROM CAMPAIGN 1 OF K2". Feel free to reuse and modify this code or any part of it. Please reference this publication if you found this K2 pipeline useful. Contact for more information.

The input is pixel files which can be downloaded from the MAST database ( The output includes raw lightcurves, detrended lightcurves and a transit search can be performed as well. Stellar variability is not typically well-preserved but parameters can be tweaked to change that.

The main file is called An example how to use it, with a pixel file included in folder example_input, is given in

Disclaimer: The BLS algorithm used to detect periodic events is taken from a Python implementation by Ruth Angus and Dan Foreman-Mackey (see, and repeated here. A transit model using Mandel & Agol models is included for completeness but not a part of the pipeline, it was implented in Python by Ian Crossfield (