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Find and subscribe to RSS feeds.
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Feed Compass is a macOS application that makes it easier to find and subscribe to RSS Feeds in your favorite RSS Reader. It is a companion app to an RSS Reader so you will want one of those to get the most from Feed Compass.

There are lots of Mac RSS Readers available in the Mac App Store. If you are looking for a good, free RSS Reader we recommend NetNewsWire.


You can download the current version (0.6) of Feed Compass here. It has all the features listed below and no known bugs. Please report any bugs you find in Issues.


  • A large number of default feeds (especially Apple developer feeds)
  • Preview feeds before you subscribe
  • One click subscribing to native RSS readers or web RSS readers
  • Drag-and-drop feeds to native RSS readers (that support it)
  • Open local OPML files
  • Subscribe to OPML files found on the web


Have something you want to say about Feed Compass? Leave a comment in our Feedback issue.


Pull requests are welcome. If you are a non-technical person and want to contribute you can file bug reports and feature requests on the Issues page.

If you have an OPML file that you think should be included in the default feeds, please file an Issue for it.


From the command line run the following commands:

git clone
cd FeedCompass
git submodule init
git submodule update

You can now open the Feed Compass.xcodeproj project. You will have to fix the project signing before building and running.


MIT Licensed


Many thanks to Brent Simmons for the coming up with the idea for this program. We would also like to thank him for open sourcing the many libraries of his we use.

We would also like to thank the creators of the OPML files utilized by Feed Compass. This program would be nothing without their work curating the OMPL blog listings.

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