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Compliance Utils

Misc small utils in your every day compliance work

Yocto related tools


yoga invokes miscellaneous tools to create a list of image packages and useful compliance information.

First of all, yoga creates (with yoda) a JSON file with information about which packages are included in the image.

For each package in this files:

  • analyse (with yoda) the package and collect relevant compliance information

  • invokes flict (and yoda2flict) to do license compatibility checks on the packages

  • collects source code (beta)

  • collects copyright and license information (beta)

  • creates graphs (with flict-to-dot) in various formats over the package and their dependencies

Help text: yoga.txt


This tool assumes you're located in Yocto's build directory.

Identify yoga settings and create yoga.conf

    yoga -i core-image-minimal -cc

Invoke yoga as. This will create compliance reports in compliance-results

     yoga -ncc

Note: -ncc is to discard checking license compatibility with flict


yoda analyses various files produced during a Yocto build and produces:

  • a JSON file (in compliance-results) of packages that is put in to the image built

  • a JSON file (in compliance-results) containing information (e.g dependencies) about packages

This tool is used by yoga, which probably is the tool you should look into. Help text: yoda.txt


This tool assumes you're located in Yocto's build directory.

Create a conf file for the image core-image-minimal

    yoda -i core-image-minimal create-config

Create a JSON file with all packages and image packages (sub packages) for image core-image-minimal

    yoda -c yoda.conf list

Create JSON files (in compliance-results) for all Cairo's

    yoda -c yoda.conf -p cairo exportpackagel

Create JSON files (in compliance-results) for Cairo's imagepackage cairo-gobject

    yoda -c yoda.conf -p cairo -sp cairo-gobject exportpackage


yocr creates a report summarising the compliance result from yocr. The report can be created for humans (html) and computers (JSON).


This tool is under construction.

This tool is under construction.

List dependencies recursively foe the given file. The files can be either a program (name of with path) or a library (name or with path) If the supplied file does not have path we do our best trying to find it using which or (internal function) findllib. Help text: dependencies.txt

Takes a flict file and creates a dit file (to create graph files). This useful when you want a graphical representation of a project's dependencies. Help text: flict-to-dot.txt


Wrapper over reuse. Help text: reusew.txt

A tiny tool to assist when analysing a Scancode report

Help text: scancode-analyser.txt

Transforms the output from yoda in to a format flict can use to check license compatibility. Help text: yoda2flict.txt


Misc small utils in your every day compliance work







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